Chantel Tae has always been the hospitable type since young, she loves hosting gatherings over at her house, and especially cooking for the loved ones in her life. It all started in her late 20s, when she started experimenting with recipes, but adding her own special twist onto it. Her love for baking gradually developed as well and it brought her great joy to see her friends and family enjoy something that she has created. She has personally attended a few baking courses to upgrade herself and to learn more about the technicalities of baking. She has attained a consistently high standard for the food that she prepared for others, where she tends to focus on premium and fresh ingredients rather than its cost savings. Not only that, Chantel Tae has also been extremely passionate about giving back to the community, and she hopes for the desserts that she has created to at least be a source of delight for the world. 
She decided to step out of her comfort zone when she made the very difficult decision to quit her job of 10 years about 2 years back. It was the last straw for her to start this cafe, crèmeofparadise where she will be able to bring more happiness to her family. Chantel also plans to bake for the less fortunate further on in her endeavours. And as of now, she has started her first ecommerce business as a stepping stone to greater things. The desserts that she has baked are specially curated by her, guaranteed the utmost effort and focus put into it, often with reduced sugar and an abundance of fruits, for a healthier twist